Councillor Chris Penberthy

Title: Cabinet for Housing and Co-operative Development

Party: Labour

Ward: St. Peter & the Waterfront

Other councillors representing this Ward:

Contact information

Correspondence address: 
Council House
Plymouth City Council
Armada Way


Mobile:  07711182091

Twitter :  @ChrisPenberthy

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Committee appointments

Terms of Office

  • 09/05/2011 - 11/05/2015
  • 11/05/2015 - 14/05/2019

Appointments to outside bodies

Additional Information


Community Grants 2019/20


June - 19


Plymouth Pride 2019 Crowdfunder. http://https//


Neswick Play Park Summer Play Programme 2019


Sept – 19


Contribution to Warehouse set up costs - Crowdfunder for the Warehouse Launch Weekend.


Feb - 20


To support the City of Sanctuary group with any events held or any other costs the group may incur


To contribute towards the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and support the community communication.


March - 20


To contribute towards group events and activities run by Adelaide Street Angels


To contribute towards supplies for the Plymouth Soup Run.


Grand Total



Community Grants Scheme 2018/19



To help towards the replacement of the carpet in the Synagogue.




To support YEA Plymouth activities, including their presence at Plymouth Art Weekender




To fund Grow Stonehouse to work with the community to develop an edible bus stop on Union Street and link this activity with Thrive Plymouth year 5 activity




To support the Social Enterprise Festival which brings benefits to St Peter & Waterfront ward and across Plymouth




To support Pride in Plymouth and the work they do in Plymouth, which benefits the community


Grand Total



Community Grants Scheme 2017/18



To support volunteer and incidental expenses incurred in working with LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees during 2017/18


Contribution to providing a defribrilator on Plymouth Hoe




To support community engagement in the Hoe Neighbourhood Forum's Neighbourhood Planning process, including support for branding and website development and rollout


To contribute towards the costs of the second phase of the Looe Street Detectives project with the Plymouth Arts Centre




The Greenwatch Fire Service Project to benefit children and young people in Stonehouse regarding an awareness of theimplications of fire related crime




To contribute towards the costs of undertaking feasibility studies and preparing any necessary permissions to develop a new partnership coffee shop project between the Millfields CEDT CIC and Students and Refugees Together


Grand Total
















































Community Grant Scheme 2016 to 2017



stablish a Plymouth Hoe Neighbourhood Forum


Millfields Inspired fund to support the Dragons Den element of their youth enterprise project


Picnic table for disabled resident visiting the Victoria Park community cafe on behalf of The Victoria Park Community Project


Plymouth Municpal Charity's almshouses


Pride in Plymouth refugee support project


Support for local artists to exhibit as part of the Art Weekender 2016


To help with the cost of an outdoor pizza oven to enhance residents' activities and encourage use of the produce garden


Grand Total




Community Grant Scheme 2015 to 2016

Festival of African Culture


Support for the development of Union Corner (joint application with Councillors McDonald £200 & Tuffin £200)


Grant towards hire of venue to hold sessions for Plymouth Hope Youth Project


Lighting up of Smeaton’s tower for Pride weekend


You Can do It Achievement Awards Ceremony 2015 (joint application with Councillors Downie £150, Drean £100, J Taylor £100, Fry £33, Ball £34, Fletcher £33, K Taylor £100, Singh £50, I Bowyer £50, Mrs Bowyer £50, Jarvis £200, Evans £50, Tuohy £50, Lowry £50, Riley £100, Smith £50, Bridgeman £50, Fox £100, Kelly  £50, Mahony £100, Jordan £50, Beer £50, James £50, Churchill £50, Mrs Pengelly £50, Wigens £50, K Foster £100, Mrs Foster £200, Parker Delaz Ajete £200, Bowie £100, Damarell £100, Wheeler £100, McDonald £100, Tuffin £200, S Davey £300, P Davey £300, Sparling £50, Aspinall £100, Dann £100 & Rennie £100)


Local history event at St Saviours Hall


Training equipment for MAP Kings U12’s football team (joint application with Councillors McDonald £50, Tuffin £50, Tuohy £54 and Evans £50)


Community Health in Lipson (CHIL) (joint application with Councillors Tuffin £200, Jarvis £500, Sparling £50, Singh £300, Evans £100, Coker £100, McDonald £100, Riley £100, Rennie £200, P Davey £100, K Taylor £400, Aspinall £200, Stevens £50, Dann £200, Bridgeman £50, M Leaves £166, Mahony £167 & Mrs Nicholson £167)


Contribution towards Stonehouse Local Grants Fund managed by Millfields Inspired



Community Grant Scheme 2013 to 2014

Council House Art Gallery project


Arts Centre Fairness Commission event


Frankfurt Gate families’ event. (See also Councillors McDonald and Tuffin - £300 each. Total cost £900)


Boules Pitch on the Hoe (joint application with Councillors McDonald £375 & Tuffin £375)


Community Grant Scheme 2014 to 2015

Garden furniture & plants for residents of John Gayer & Rawlins Alms houses, Green Street


Campaign to encourage students to register to vote


Kitchen equipment for Barbican Pilgrims Resident Association



2014 Arts Graduate show at the Council House


Friends of Beaumont Park


Community engagement project


Plymouth Fairtrade Network


Supporting Plymouth Food Bank