Councillor Lorraine Parker-Delaz-Ajete

Title: The Chair of the Audit and Governance Committee

Party: Labour

Ward: Southway

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Contact information

Correspondence address: 
Council House
Plymouth City Council
Armada Way

Mobile:  07795641052


Committee appointments

Terms of Office

  • 04/05/2012 - 09/05/2016
  • 09/05/2016 - 06/05/2021

Appointments to outside bodies

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Community Grants 2020/21





To help support North Plymouth Food Bank with food and supplies for local people in crisis.




To support DCFA Plymouth Hub with providing food and emergency help for vulnerable families




To support Plymouth Vineyard with the pop-up Uniform Store Plymouth project with the purchase of vital equipment to get children ready for school such as pencil cases, water bottles as well as the cost of running the project which involves washing, printing and ironing equipment. This will hugely benefit families who have been struggling in Plymouth.




To support Plymouth PIE (Parklifers in Exile) with the ability to provide meals and equipment for their elderly and vulnerable patrons who use the Park Pavilion cafes across the city of Plymouth. 


To support Southway Playcare to keep running their after school and holiday clubs in a safe and friendly environment in which children develop, grow and make friends. This will help with recourses needed to supply small snacks and activities.


Grand Total





Community Grants Scheme 2019/20




Plymouth Pride 2019 Crowdfunder. http://https//




To provide activities and events to benefit stroke survivors and to help rebuild their lives




To help purchase equipment for a new youth group for young people with low level mental health issues, supporting young people through difficult times focusing on artistic and creative activities.


Grand Total







Community Grants Scheme 2017/18



North Plymouth First Responders Team. To help fund training and equipment




Child Safety Equipment and Training for Southway Community Group




Projects to help and benefit residents in Tamerton Foliot organised by the Tamerton Foliot Village Conservation Society, including the Village Carnival 




Contribution towards NPCL for one to one advice and guidance for the centre. Drop in IT support for the unemployed, supporting them in the use of the computers and employability in work club sessions. Tea and toast sessions to support lonely and isolated residents




Large scale replacement of chidren's toys and equipment for toddlers' groups and other supplies due to the Group changing premises.


Grand Total















Community Grants Scheme 2018/19



Plymouth Miniature Steam at Goodwin Park, Southway. Major works, including track-laying, path-building, purchase of gates and surface drainage works. Will benefit users of the railway from all over Plymouth, especially children, and the community of Southway who use the park area for general recreation. Also increases ease of access to Southway Nature Reserve and for people with mobility problems and baby buggies.


Grand Total






Community Grant Scheme 2016 to 2017



Bunting for the Tamerton Foliot Carnival Association


Community Memorial Garden


Equipment & kit for u15's boys football team


Memorial Bench


Grand Total



Community Grant Scheme 2015 to 2016


Equipment for Little Blossoms Day Nursery (joint application with Councillor Morris £250)


You Can do It Achievement Awards Ceremony 2015 (joint application with Councillors Downie £150, Drean £100, J Taylor £100, Fry £33, Ball £34, Fletcher £33, K Taylor £100, Singh £50, I Bowyer £50, Mrs Bowyer £50, Jarvis £200, Evans £50, Tuohy £50, Lowry £50, Riley £100, Smith £50, Bridgeman £50, Fox £100, Kelly  £50, Mahony £100, Jordan £50, Beer £50, James £50, Churchill £50, Mrs Pengelly £50, Wigens £50, K Foster £100, Mrs Foster £200, Bowie £100, Damarell £100, Wheeler £100, McDonald £100, Tuffin £200, Penberthy £100, S Davey £300, P Davey £300, Sparling £50, Aspinall £100, Dann £100 & Rennie £100)


New equipment for Southway Community Centre (joint application with Councillor Morris £500)


North Plymouth Youth Project – safety equipment for skateboarding (joint application with Councillor Morris £500)


Southway Thursday Fellowship – party for elderly residents (joint application with Councillor Morris £250)



Southway Playcare – support for various activities (joint application with Councillor Morris £250)


Youth Enquiry Service (The Zone) – The RAT Project support for homeless, domestic violence, unemployed & combat of drug misuse (joint application with Councillor Morris £1500)



Community Grant Scheme 2014 to 2015


You Can Do It Achievement Awards (joint application with Councillors Mrs Foster £50, K Foster £50, K Taylor £50, Riley £50, Nelder £50, Taylor £50, Sparling £50, James £50, J Smith £50, I Bowyer £50, Jarvis £50, McDonald £50, Beer £50, Tuohy £50, Aspinall £50, Downie £50, Drean £50, Churchill £100, Mrs Pengelly £100, Wigens £100, Rennie £125, Tuffin £300, P Davey £350, S Davey £300, Singh £100 & Mrs Bowyer £50)                 


Parent & toddler group (joint application with Councillor Morris £500 & Councillor J Smith £500)


Activities & events to benefit the retired members group at Southway PCC (joint application with Councillor John Smith £500)


Funding to help organise a summer fete in the Southway Ward (joint application with Councillor John Smith £250)


To help promote racial equality and community cohesion


Training courses for parents of children attending Tamerton Mini Munchkins nursery


Little Blossoms childcare facility fund for various activities (joint application with Councillor John Smith £200)


Out Youth Group – supporting LGTB young people aged 13-21 in Southway & other parts of the city


New equipment for the youth group at the Hendwell Centre



Community Grant Scheme 2013 to 2014


Grit bin & 3 refills


Belliver Residents Association. (See also Councillors Morris - £150 – and J Smith - £150. Total cost £450.)


Tamerton Foliot pensioners’ lunch. (See also Councillors Morris - £100 – and J Smith - £100. Total cost £300.)


Southway Valley Community Orchard – community Activities (joint application with Councillor J Smith £250)


Beechwood Primary School (joint application with Councillor J Smith £740)


Tamerton Foliot TF2 (joint application with Councillor J Smith £300)


Hendwell Community  Centre (joint application with Councillors Morris £600 & J Smith £551)


Belliver Residents Association (joint application with Councillors Morris £150 & J Smith £150)