Councillor Christopher Mavin

Title: Lord Mayor

Party: Labour

Ward: Moor View

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Contact information

Correspondence address: 
Council House
Plymouth City Council
Armada Way


Mobile:  07392318834

Committee appointments

Terms of Office

  • 05/05/1987 - 05/05/1991
  • 05/05/1991 - 05/05/1995
  • 05/05/1995 - 05/05/1999
  • 05/05/1999 - 05/05/2000
  • 06/05/2003 - 13/06/2004
  • 13/06/2004 - 01/05/2008
  • 09/05/2016 - 11/05/2020

Appointments to outside bodies

Additional Information

Community Grants 2019/20


Jan - 20


To provide signs to local shops in Glenholt which will benefit the local community, visitors and the shops.


March - 20


To contribute towards the costs involved with repairing and repainting the floor at the ELM Community Centre which will benefit the Estover, Leigham and Mainstone community.


To support with the purchase of materials to build a mock up Mayflower boat to be covered in flowers and have a backdrop for Maypole dancing and other activities. This project will bring together the whole community and involve local schools.


Grand Total




Community Grants Scheme

Chris Mavin



2 x balance ability bikes and a trike for Leigham Primary School to teach road safety




Leigham Community Hall  refurbishment




New lighting and decorating for the Elm Community Centre


Grand Total









Community Grants Scheme



To provide a skip, scaffolding & Paint. To clear out, clean and paint the Leigham Community Centre




Dash of Silver Male Cancer Awareness Charity. This charity provides Dash Care Packs to patients undergoing treatment, they also run a cancer support group Dashnet to help patients undergoing treatment for cancer. This donation will benefit the whole of the City helping towards giving patients the best possible care that they deserve




To contribute towards the Glenholt Park tea dance, providing local band, catering and Coach Road trip for the Elderly Community.


To purchase a Defibrillator for the residents of Glenholt Park.


Grand Total






Community Grant scheme 2016 to 2017



A PADAN community event benefitting disabled people and their carers within Plymouth


Improvements to outdoor play areas at Millar Way and Wasdale Gardens


St Matthews Primary & Nursery Academy, Derriford have requested Balanceability bicycles for pupils at a cost of £400 for 10.  The school is trying to encourage the children to come to school by bicycle and learn about road safety.


The Elm Community Centre are having to replace their gas oven due to new health and safety guidelines as they do not have a window in their kitchen.  The cost of replacement is approximately £1500 so they have approached me for a contribution


Grand Total