Councillor Rebecca Smith

Party: Conservative

Ward: Plymstock Radford

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Contact information


Bus. mobile:  07825034970

Twitter :  @PlymouthRebecca

Facebook :  @PlymouthRebecca

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Committee appointments

Term of Office

  • 03/05/2018 -

Additional Information

Community Grants 2019/20




Memorial Bench




To support the funding for an information leaflet to benefit the adult suffers of Epilepsy and seizure disorders in Plymstock and across Plymouth, with the Epilepsy Support Group.




You can do it achievement awards, celebrating the achievements of children and young people in care. Sponsorship for the award, magician and glitter tattoos.




New parade flags for the Radford Rainbows and Rangers groups


Plymouth Dance - Tea Dances with a Twist! Benefit anyone who wants to attend a fun afternoon of dance from Plymstock and across the city


To support the Plymouth Respect Festivial, 21st Birthday, bringing the city's diverse communities together to celebrate our differences and commonalities through, music, food and dance




Clean our patch Plymstock Ambassadors, supply of their equiptment, Meg Parsons, Jacky Edgell and Vaishali Phippen


Mar 2020


Contribution towards cost of running youth groups and equipment at Plymstock United Church.


Donation to Radford Park Community Project which brings the community together to support and care for the park.


Funding for community tree planting project within Plymstock Radford ward.


Support for the Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity to continue their work.


Support towards the refurbishment of the community sports hall at Plymstock School.


To contribute towards the purchase of speakers for presentations and outings which will benefit the Plymstock over 60's club, who offer a programme of events and activities for those over 60.


To fund a Mayflower 400 Plymstock Tapestry project and it will be displayed at Plymstock Library


To support with the resources to enable Plymstock Chapel Afterschool Youth Drop-in to take place and create an online database for recording local volunteers supporting those isolated due to the Coronvirus


Grand Total



Community Grants Scheme 2018/19



Contribute towards the Plymstock Community Forum event - Plymstock Festival




You can do it Achievement Awards 2018  Personal Achievement age group 4 - 11yrs


Support Hooe and Turnchapel Association in their refurbishment of the community centre kitchen.




Life Buoy for Barton Road Hooe




To pay for a new 25 year lease extension for Plymstock Central Sports to be able to continue local clubs to access sports facilities




A donation to the 1st Radford Rainbows to enable the group to expand and accommodate more young members


To purchase a strimmer for the Friends of Radford Wood


To purchase a grit bin and grit for the top of Pleasure Hill Close




To Contribute towards the Making Waves Together Project at Mount Batten Water Sports and Activities Centre who project supporting families unable to access water-based activities.




To place a grit bin on the junction of Foxwood Gardens on the corner opposite Cox and Co hair salon.




For garden renovation outside St Mary's Plymstock Church Hall


to help fund the buying of equipment for the Youth Group at Plymstock United Church


To help Routeways Beckly Centre purchase equipment for a sensory area


To help towards the costs of annual insurance for Radford Park Arboretum


To support with the arrangement of meetings, events and coffee morning lectures for the Community of Plymstock


Grand Total