Councillor Ms Kathy Watkin

Party: Conservative

Ward: Plymstock Radford

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Community Grants 2019/20



Aug - 19


New parade flags for the Radford Rainbows and Rangers groups


Sept – 19


Clean our patch Plymstock Ambassadors, supply of their equipment, Meg Parsons, Jacky Edgell and Vaishali Phippen


Mar - 20


To contribute towards the purchase of speakers for presentations and outings which will benefit the Plymstock over 60's club, who offer a programme of events and activities for those over 60.


To support with the resources to enable Plymstock Chapel Afterschool Youth Drop-in to take place and create an online database for recording local volunteers supporting those isolated due to the Coronavirus


To support the Hooe Girls Brigade with the purchase of a Computer for their group activities. 


To fund a Mayflower 400 Plymstock Tapestry project and it will be displayed at Plymstock Library


Support towards the refurbishment of the community sports hall at Plymstock School.


Funding for community tree planting project within Plymstock Radford ward.


Contribution towards cost of running youth groups and equipment at Plymstock United Church.


Improving Outdoor Play Phase 2 - South Hill and Oreston


Tea Dance with a Twist - a regular tea dance for those who are socially isolated and/or enjoy a good dance, including residents of Plymstock.


Donation to Radford Park Community Project which brings the community together to support and care for the park.


Grand Total