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Declarations of Interest

Meeting: 08/03/2024 - City Council (Item 82)

Declarations of Interest

Members will be asked to make any declarations of interest in relation to items on this agenda, in accordance with the Code of Conduct.



Item Number 



Councillor Stevens 

Employed by Devon & Cornwall Police 


Councillor Sproston 

Employment with National Neighbourhood Watch, which was connected to Devon and Cornwall Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner.  




Councillor Laing moved a motion to suspend article 4.2 of the rules of debate in relation to agenda item 6, Revenue and Capital Budget and Proposed Council Tax Levels for 2024/25. Councillor Rennie seconded and the motion was agreed by Council.


For (48)

Councillors Allen, Aspinall, Mrs Beer, Blight, Briars-Delve, Mrs Bridgeman, Carlyle, Coker, Dann, Dingle, Evans OBE, Finn, Gilmour, Goslin, Harrison, Haydon, Hendy, Hulme, Krizanac, Laing, Mrs. Loveridge, Lowry, Lugger, Dr Mahony, McLay, McNamara, Moore, Murphy, Nicholson, Noble, Patel, Penberthy, Penrose, Poyser, Raynsford, Reilly, Rennie, Ricketts, Salmon, Sproston, Stephens, Stevens, Tippetts, Tofan, Tuffin, Tuohy, Wakeham and Ms. Watkin.


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Absent/Did Not Vote (2)

Councillors Cresswell and Shayer.