Issue - meetings

Questions by Members

Meeting: 13/09/2021 - City Council (Item 30)

Questions by Councillors

Questions to the Leader, Cabinet Members and Committee Chairs covering aspects for their areas of responsibility or concern by councillors in accordance with Part B, paragraph 12 of the constitution.

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Councillor Murphy

Councillor Mrs Pengelly

Why did this administration allow Belvedere Garden of Remembrance to be used as a bar for the SailGP event?

Response: Councillor Mrs Vivien Pengelly will ensure that Councillor Deacon provides a reply to Councillor Murphy for her question as soon as possible.

Supplementary Question: Councillor Murphy would like to be assured that this would never happen again and also a public apology to the armed forced community.


Response: Councillor Mrs Vivien Pengelly will ensure that this never happens again and apologised to the Armed Forces.



Councillor Singh

Councillor Mrs Maddi Bridgeman

I represent the Drake ward which will be the gateway to the redeveloped train station. We have problems with bins being left out, will the cabinet members responsible think about new schemes in regards to enforcement with bins being left out on the street causing obstructions?


Response: The teams in enforcement have bought a new camera which has been effective in catching fly tippers and those that are regularly causing those such issues. Councillor Bridgeman can ensure that Councillor Singh’s suggestion is taken forward and would like to take more people to Court in relation to fly tipping, littering and any sort of damage. Councillor Bridgeman is aware of the issues on North Road East and the camera will be deployed there soon.

Supplementary Question: Councillor Singh would like a meeting with Councillor Mrs Maddi Bridgeman to discuss a scheme that is working in another part of the country.


Response: Councillor Mrs Maddi Bridgeman agreed to the meeting.



Councillor Pat Patel

Councillor Nicholson

Following on from the meeting that was organised by Councillor Nicholson with the Mayflower Medical Group on the 9th September. The Mayflower Group represents a fifth of Plymouth residents for patient numbers. Please can I ask that you maintain pressure on the Mayflower Group and offer any and all support to ensure the turnaround of service delivery to all patients in order to relieve pressure for other GP surgeries as well as the accident and emergency department as Derriford Hospital? Also that the Mayflower Group continues to listen to its patients through the reactivation of the patient participation group and ensure that communication lines remain open to keep everyone informed of actions being taken and the improvement plan that is being implemented.


Response: Thanked Councillor Pat Patel and 14 other members for their attendance at the meeting that took place on the 9th September. It was a meeting which provided an honest appraisal of the difficulties that the Group are currently facing. The Mayflower Medical Group are committed to maintaining a dialogue with members and sharing the improvement plan that they are undertaking to seek to rectify the issues raised by the CQC. The Mayflower Group acknowledged that the issues raised had not been good enough and significant improvement is required.


The patient participation group was in the process of being re-established and a number of members of the council will participate in that group  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30