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Questions by Members

Meeting: 22/11/2021 - City Council (Item 16)

Questions by Councillors

Questions to the Leader, Cabinet Members and Committee Chairs covering aspects for their areas of responsibility or concern by councillors in accordance with Part B, paragraph 12 of the constitution.

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Councillor Corvid

The Leader

The Leader invited people to send in pictures of leaves on the pavements which would be dangerous and slippery. I have sent pictures in, but they have still not been picked up. Kingsley road, Central Park and Ford Park Avenue in particular had been reported. When are the leaves going to be removed to make it safe?

Response: Leaves would be picked up in line with normal casework. I had forwarded on your email to the councillor casework team and it was stated they could be swept as soon as possible.


Supplementary: There had been an increase in the area of people being injured, can the leader reassure that this would be addressed as a priority.


Leader: The Facebook post that I created asking for people to contact me was aimed at Compton ward residents, however the post went on to say, or contact Plymouth city council directly.


Councillor Patel

Councillor Drean

I am pleased to report that flood sites within my ward have been resolved or are in the process of being resolved.  Some sites have been flooded for many years and people are frustrated with the lack of long term positive action.


I myself have reported one site within my ward three times in a month and was told three times it had been fixed, only for it to flood next time it rained.


Can I ask for a process to be put in place for a robust monitoring plan so that areas consistently reported are looked at in greater detail?

Response: Councillor Drean requested further details of that particular casework in order to look more in depth at what actions took place. Please provide further detail. Hotspots are regularly checked to see if it is going to be a problem. Councillor Drean will check to see if that particular spot is on the hotspot list.


Councillor Murphy

Councillor Deacon

Once again, I have to question the lack of respect this administration has shown to our armed forces community. At the last full Council meeting I asked why the Belvedere Memorial Garden was used as a bar. Why have no poppies been put in place across the city to remember our fallen armed forces servicemen and women? This year would mark the 100th anniversary of Royal British Legion and the 80 anniversary of the Plymouth Blitz.

Response: Councillor Deacon requested Councillor Murphy to send an email and the points raised would be looked into.


Councillor Derrick

The Leader

Councillor Rodger Croad had made some highly insensitive comments in his role as Chair of The Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel. Councillor Croad made an ill judged comment on the use of firearms in the city. Many people are suffering from this tragedy and I ask if you would stand with the people of Plymouth and call out those remarks as senseless and harmful. I also ask that our representatives on the Panel pass our comments  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16