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Declarations of Interest

Members will be asked to make any declarations of interest in respect of items on this agenda.


Councillor Smith declared a private interest, in accordance with the code of conduct, as she was the Chair of the new Commission on Violence Against Women and Girls.


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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on –


Licensing Committee:             8 December 2020


Licensing Sub Committee:      8 June 2021

                                                24 August 2021

                                                31 August 2021

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The Committee agreed that the following minutes were a correct record –



Licensing Committee -





8 December 2020;





Licensing Sub Committee -






8 June 2021;



24 August 2021;



31 August 2021.



Chair's Urgent Business

To receive reports on business which, in the opinion of the Chair, should be brought forward for urgent consideration.


There were no items of Chair’s urgent business.


Licensing Activity Report pdf icon PDF 389 KB


David Moore (Licensing Sergeant) and Rachael Hind (Service Manager) presented the licensing activity report 2020/21. The report had been compiled to provide the Licensing Committee with an overview of the various aspects of the work undertaken by agencies involved in regulating the licensing regimes within the remit of this Committee.


The main areas of questions from the Committee included –



the measures that the police were undertaking to address illegal activities such as drinks spiking and safety of women;




sought clarification -





on the process for undertaking alcohol and gambling test purchase operations;






on when the safe bus would be available in December 2021 and how this would be advertised;





raised concerns that -





Security Industry Authority (SIA) trained individuals had limited powers to deal with issues that arose on the safe bus and suggested that Special Constables should be engaged instead;






if the safe bus was only going to drop off at specific points, rather than individuals being able to alight the bus where required, this could lead to safety issues (as the drop off points would be advertised this could attract undesirable behaviour).


Councillor Smith advised that she was the Chair of the new Commission for Violence Against Women and Girls and suggested that a report be brought back to the Committee in 12 months’ time providing details of how the licensing team and the police were liaising with Commission.



Annual Street Trading Report pdf icon PDF 319 KB


Emily Bullimore (BID Street Operations and Street Trading Manager) presented the Annual Street Trading report which sought to set the process for the issuing and terms and conditions of consents for the 2022/23 trading year. The following key points were highlighted –



due to the Covid 19 pandemic the financial pressures placed on existing street traders during the 2021/22 trading year, teamed with the decrease in footfall in the city centre, there had been no increase in consent fees;




2021/2022 had been a challenging year for all street traders and the issues that hit the high street at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 had continued through this financial year with most traders experiencing the strain of price rises and less income with no grants to assist them this year;




it was proposed that there was no increase in consent fees for city centre street traders for the 2022/23 trading year, in order to support street traders to continue to trade;




it was further proposed that there was a restructure of consent fees for the ice cream trading pitches for the 2022/23 year; during 2020 and 2021 several establishments along the waterfront had started to sell ice cream from their premises, some operating on to the highway; this had caused upset and some anger between traders;




the ice cream traders had highlighted the difference in site fees along the ice cream sites on the waterfront and there had been historically a large difference in consent fees; however, the footfall had changed as have the locations and parking arrangements for the ice cream vehicles, so it was proposed that there was a levelling out of fees across the waterfront; this means that the highest consent payers would not have an increase in fees but others would; the sites would be equal opportunity for all traders with the new price proposal with street trading suffering no loss of income;




the ice cream consent holders had asked for consideration to be given for them to extend their offer to include hot drinks and hot snacks from the mobile ice cream vans; this would provide a fair opportunity for trade over the colder months; all consent holders would need to meet all health and safety and hygiene requirements;




it was therefore proposed that the paragraph in the application form (permitted trades for ice cream pitches) was changed to ‘all the trading locations would be allocated for the sale of ice cream, frozen confectionery, hot and cold soft drinks; hot drinks and snacks may be  permitted on application, the decision with regard to the acceptable type of trade at each location would be decided as part of the application process in consultation with the Chair of the Licensing Committee and lead opposition member’.

The main areas of questions from the Committee included –



whether in order to alleviate the large increase in consent fees, for some of the consent holders, could be phased in over  ...  view the full minutes text for item 13.


Information regarding Delegated Decisions for Applications for the Grant/Variation of Premises Licences pdf icon PDF 185 KB


Racheal Hind (Licensing Services Manager) presented the delegated decisions for applications for the grant/variation of premises licence report. 


Members were advised that between 1 November 2020 until 31 October 2021there had been 33 applications that had been mediated out by officers which negated the need for these applications to be submitted to the Licensing Sub Committee for consideration.


The Committee noted the report.