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Information about Safer Executive Group

The Safer Plymouth Partnership


The Safer Plymouth Partnership operates within a statutory framework with responsible authorities expected to work with other local agencies and organisations to develop and implement strategies to tackle crime, disorder, misuse of drugs and other substances, anti-social behaviour in their areaincluding:


  • Ensuring compliance with legislation requiring Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to meet (as a minimum) and work to the principles of Meeting National Standards (“Hallmarks”)of: Empowered and Effective Leadership; Intelligence led business processes; Effective and responsive delivery of structures; Engaged Communities; and Visible and constructive accountability:
  • Ensuring appropriate representation on the group.
  • Ensuring Effective sharing of information.
  • Development, publication and delivery of a 3-year partnership plan, revised annually.
  • Ensuring annual strategic assessments are undertaken to assist in producing or revising the partnership plan.
  • Ensuring communities are consulted about crime and disorder issues
  • Holding one or more public meetings during each year.
  • Ensuring there are arrangements for assessing the value for money of its activities.
  • Ensuring the implementation of a strategy to reduce reoffending
  • Ensuring cooperation with the Police and Crime Commissioner (P&CC) to tackle crime and disorder, having regard for the objectives in the Police and Crime Plan, responding to any request from the P&CC’s for a report.


Safer Plymouth Partnership is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Safer Plymouth Partnership Plan and priorities arising from annual Partnership Strategic Assessments (local and Peninsula) to ensure effective action and partnership collaboration to address community safety issues in Plymouth. This includes crime & disorder, substance misuse, and anti-social behaviour.


Members that make up Safer Plymouth Partnership are representatives of the Plymouth City Council, Devon and Cornwall Police, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue, Devon and Cornwall Probation Trust and The Police and Crime Commissioner.


Questions from the Public

Members of the public can attend Safer Plymouth Partnership meetings (except where confidential or exempt information is likely to be discussed) and may ask questions at each meeting (up to two questions per person per meeting and up to 100 words per question) that are relevant to Safer Plymouth’s business and functions.  At the start of each meeting 30 minutes will be allocated to questions asked by members of the public.


Responses may be oral or written.  Questions must be put in writing to the Community Safety and Partnerships Manager at Plymouth City Council at least five clear working days before the Safer Plymouth Partnership meeting.