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South West Devon Waste Partnership

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Information about South West Devon Waste Partnership

Joint Cabinet Committee

The South West Devon Waste Partnership is a collaboration between Plymouth City Council, Devon County Council and Torbay Council. We formed a partnership in September 2007 to provide a long term solution to deal with the waste from the southwest Devon area that cannot be recycled, reused or composted.

Over the last few years each partner council has considered a range of options in consultation with their communities and partners, and developed a waste strategy.

Although recycling and composting is a key priority for everyone, each council conducted their own studies into ways to deal with the remaining waste. All three identified their own preferred option - in fact this was the same in each case: using the remaining waste to produce energy in a new purpose built facility.

There are clear economic and environmental benefits to working together on a single solution rather than three independent projects, so we are working on a joint proposal, which is likely to be an Energy from Waste facility (EfW).

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