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Plymouth Plan Annual Report


Councillor Patrick Nicholson (Deputy Leader) presented this report which highlighted the following key areas –



since its inception in 2014, the Plymouth Plan had set out a shared director of gravel for the long term future of the city of Plymouth;




the first Annual Report prepared for the Plymouth Plan was published in June 2021 and provided an overview of progress for each of the different elements of the plan;




given the timing of data availability, the information in the Annual report pre-dated the impacts of both Brexit and the Covid pandemic; the report did however provide an opportunity to reflect on progress in the first six years of the plan;




the Plymouth Plan Annual report could be used as the starting point for a citywide discussion on progress towards achieving the strategic outcomes set out in the Plan and any future actions that needed to be taken in partnership to improve the direction of travel; the next report, planned for June 2022, would begin to capture some of the impacts of Brexit and the Covid pandemic;




the Section 106 guidance had been updated which had resulted in the Council being able to secure the full level of health contributions from December 2021; it should be noted that Plymouth had been receiving less contributions when compared to its neighbouring authorities.


The Committee –



sought clarification -





on whether the Plymouth Plan performance indicators could be integrated into the Council’s corporate monitoring report and flagged as a Plymouth Plan indicator, as this would provide an opportunity for all the scrutiny committees to regularly monitor rather than receiving an annual report;






on whether the Plan should reflect the Council’s more recent commitments, such as the ocean recovery and the ecological emergency declarations and whether sustainability should also be recognised in the three main themes of the report (growing, healthy and international);






on when the Plymouth Plan would next be refreshed, in order to include the Council’s newest commitments;






on whether the more recent pledges/commitments made at the November 2021 Council meeting were being incorporated into the Plymouth Plan (as there had been no mention of either the ocean recovery or the ecological emergency declarations); looking forward the refresh of the Plymouth Plan and the Joint Local Pan should have a proactive component to ensure that the full suite of sustainable issues were included in the refresh;





requested that a copy of the recently agreed developer contributions guidance (relating to the health contributions) be provided.


Paul Barnard (Service Director for Strategic Planning and infrastructure) undertook to circulate to all members of the Committee a copy of the developer contributions document.


The Committee requested implementation of a method of integrating performance indicators within the Plymouth Plan with other performance monitoring that the Council undertook.


The Committee agreed –



for Scrutiny to consider and note the information provided in regard to the Plymouth Plan Annual report;




to implement a proactive approach to updating strategic policy commitments within the Plymouth Plan and the Joint Local Plan.



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