Agenda item

Cabinet Member Updates


Councillor James Stoneman (Cabinet Member for Climate Change) provided an update and highlighted –


(a)   Climate Connections website had now gone live. The purpose of the website was to engage the residents of Plymouth, as well as businesses and organisations to contribute to our action of net zero by 2030.


Councillor Rebecca Smith (Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Homes and Communities) provided an update and highlighted –


(b)  We had the money that came from Central Government earlier on in the year, which was the 150 pound energy rebate scheme. And that scheme was completed at the end of November.


(c)   In total, almost 16 million was paid out to over 106,000 eligible households in bands A to D, every eligible household received a 150 pound payment, either by bank transfer, cash payment or credit towards their council tax. Some of those were done as a cash voucher where we didn't have details for people, and a number of those were due to expire by the end of November. So they've been cancelled, and those people have had it credited to their council tax account instead.


(d)  Everybody that was eligible for that 150 pounds has received it, which was a really important thing to share. We also had the Council Tax Discretionary Rebate Fund, with a fund of 556,500 pounds. And that has also been completed. We ended up deciding that eligible households who received some form of reduction in bands, E to H would qualify for that. Which meant, everybody who is in receipt of some sort of council tax discount was helped. Because we also topped up all those in A to D who received Council Tax Support with an additional payment as well.


Councillor Pat Patel (Cabinet Member for Customer Services, Culture, Leisure & Sport) gave an update and highlighted –


(e)  MPO funding. So we've received quite a substantial sum over the next three years, which will keep our culture leisure and heritage projects going.


(f)    I have mentioned in previous Cabinet meetings about the work we want to do with community groups and I am pleased to announce that we've agreed a way forward with Nudge and also Firestone on their projects. We just got a few little bits sort with  them. Once they're done, we'll be signing contracts with them.


(g)   A big thank you to all the team under my portfolio. They've been working extremely hard finishing off last year's updates and preparing for next year. And we have an exciting programme to put out for next year.


Councillor Dr John Mahony (Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care) gave an update and highlighted –


(h)  Senior practitioner, Lydia Libby from our operational Adult Safeguarding team has just won a national award at the annual National Safeguarding Adults Boards Excellence Awards. In this section with large number of nominations Lydia was crowned partnership champion for her work in a role that seeks to support other agencies and people leading complex lives, often with coexistence, issues of poor mental health, homelessness, substance dependence and self neglect. Lydia was described as someone who goes about their work with humility and goes beyond the statutory safeguarding remit and touches a range of professional fields, largely concerning extremely vulnerable individuals who had high levels of risk, who would undoubtedly come to harm without the interventions that she supports so ably.


Councillor Mark Shayer (Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy and Finance) gave an update and highlighted –


(i)    I have one other additional piece of good news, which has come through to us. We've just been awarded under the regulator's pioneer fund 850,000 pounds to develop a new regulatory framework for the operation of marine autonomous systems.