Agenda item

Questions by Councillors

Questions to the Leader, Cabinet Members and Committee Chairs covering aspects for their areas of responsibility or concern by councillors in accordance with Part B, paragraph 12 of the constitution.


Councillor McDonald left the meeting at 9.14pm.







Councillor Mrs Terri Beer

Councillor Bill Wakeham

Issues with Accessing Registration for Garden Waste

Response: Feedback had been that registrations had been going well with 15,000 sign ups to date. Councillor Wakeham offered to look into any cases where residents had not been able to access it.


Supplementary: Would you consider extending the time frame for the early bird offer?


Response: No. If Councillor Mrs Beer provided Councillor Wakeham with details, he would look into those cases.


Councillor Nick Kelly

Councillor Rebecca Smith

Cost in the municipal year to clean sites after travellers have used them.

Response: Don’t have information, will get it over to you.


Supplementary: Would Councillor Smith consider imposing a charge on the travelling community to remove their waste?


Response: Can’t comment without more information. There is an obligation to enable the travelling community to be in Plymouth.


Councillor Chaz Singh

Councillor Pat Patel

Use of Community Grants to install a defibrillator in the Council House.

Response: As per the motion on notice earlier in the meeting, the topic is being referred to the relevant scrutiny committee for discussion.


Councillor Ian Poyser

Councillor Jonathan Drean

The path in St Morris View has been closed for some time.

Response: Would speak to the team this week and would be happy to do a site visit.


Councillor Lauren McLay

Councillor Bill Wakeham

Play park at Redwood Heights.

Response: Section 106 money had been ring-fenced, and understanding at present was that the site was the responsibility of the contractors. Would seek an update. 


Councillor Tom Briars-Delve

Councillor Pat Patel

Contact Centre out of hours Highways Hour not working.

Response: Highways telephones are in CCTV room with one operator, and Councillor Drean was looking at increasing the staffing.


Supplementary: What action will be taken to review the issues that people are experiencing when using the Council’s phone lines?


Response: Would investigate and report back to the Councillor.


Councillor Charlotte Holloway

Councillor Jonathan Drean

Bus Service No 31 had been cut.

Response: Speaking to community transport providers and others with negotiations ongoing to try and find a solution. There was a meeting scheduled with transport operators in the coming week and Councillor Drean agreed to share any information in due course.


Supplementary: Was there confidence that the EIA (Equality Impact Assessment) that stated Access Plymouth as an alternative for residents, was to the required standard as Access Plymouth was at risk with proposed budget cuts,


Response: Confident in the EIA but aware of the issues now facing residents and possible solutions were being investigated.


Councillor Sally Haydon

Councillor Bill Wakeham

Approval 3 weeks for brown bin, then 10 weeks to receive it.

Response: 10 weeks is not acceptable. Any detail sent over would be looked into.


Supplementary: Cases about issues like this should be logged via Councillor Casework so it can be looked into. Personal emails cannot be the solution either. Standard of service is not high enough.


Response: If an issue persists for several weeks, contact Councillor Wakeham about the issue to be looked into. He could not do anything if he did not know about it.


Councillor Eddie Rennie

Councillor Rebecca Smith

Violence Against Women and Girls Commission

Response: The Commission had finished and other avenues are available to get involved with the work that is going on. The last meeting of the Commission was in 2022.


Supplementary: If the Commission or something similar sits again, could members of the Labour group be invited to attend?


Response: If it, or anything similar was to sit again, it was cross-party before and would continue to be. Hope that it would be the same the other way, if there was a change in administration in the future.


Councillor Chaz Singh

The Leader

Registers of Interest

Response: Regularly communicates with officers and the monitoring officer on register of interests and is always honest and fair and has acted with 100% faith and integrity with his register of interests.


Councillor Nick Kelly

Councillor Pat Patel

Taxi Licence Applications under the policy

Response: The information would be provided to Councillor Kelly.


Supplementary: Would Councillor Patel reconsider the current policy to ensure the taxi trade was as robust as could be?


Response: The current policy was voted in not long ago and could not be reviewed until it was up for review again.


Councillor Patrick Nicholson

Councillor Mark Shayer

Measures to safeguard vital local services

Response: No challenge to the facilities mentioned.


Supp: What measures are being taken to ensure Plympton Swimming Pool, Plympton Library, Harewood House are protected from limited opening hours or potential closure?


Response: If the challenges were sent via email, Councillor Shayer would respond.


Councillor Tudor Evans OBE

The Leader

Incident at previous Council Meeting

Response: Was not the words that were alleged or offensive to anyone.


Councillor Mark Coker

Councillor Bill Wakeham

Pottery Quay Lane Issues and System in Place to look at SLA failures

Response: Not aware of particular issue and will be looked into.


Supplementary: Was casework that had not been completed, and was outside of its SLA, being chased?


Response: It is checked once a week.


Councillor Nick Kelly

Councillor Bill Wakeham

Policy on Garden Waste being placed in Brown Bins.

Response: It should not be done and if it is being done, a warning label would be placed on bins and fines would be looked into if it became prominent issue.


Councillor Eddie Rennie

Councillor Jonathan Drean

Repairs in area in Sutton and Mount Gould Ward.

Response: 150 repairs were carried out and the others are on the list to be done. If the details were resent, Councillor Drean would look into it.


Supplementary: Why has it not been done?


Response: Not acceptable that repairs had not been carried out. Would be looked into.


Councillor Nick Kelly

Councillor Jonathan Drean

New trees for Armada Way Project


Response: The new trees will be 6-8 metres tall and had been ordered.


Councillor Chaz Singh

Councillor Jonathan Drean

Fatal accident on Embankment Road


Response: The team had been liaising with the police on the accident and once finished the officers and Councillor Drean would be happy to attend site visit.


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