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Recruitment to Director of Resources - (To Follow)


Tracey Lee (Chief Executive) presented the report to the Panel and highlighted the following key points:



Four candidates had been sourced by the executive search agency, three of those candidates were put forward to the assessment centre, and two of those candidates withdrew. One due to being close to retirement and the other because they did not wish to progress. The final candidate went through to the assessment centre but the candidate did not have the breath of n experience required or depth of knowledge  to progress to the Panel for interview;



The current interim Service Director of Finance, David Northey had agreed to stay in the role until March 2024. The Panel thanked David Northey in agreeing to an extension, subject to City Council approval;



It was recognised that the market was difficult and further discussions will take place with the Executive recruiters to ascertain would take place to ensure correct timing in advertising the role;



The current structure has the role of Director of Resources, with the intention of deleting the Service Director of Finance role however this role is occupied on an interim basis by David Northey. Agreement from the Panel would be to seek a dispensation to keep the position of Service Director for Finance until March 2024



The post holder for Service Director for Finance would remain the Section 151 Officer. The deputy position had a vacancy and the restructure for Finance would be brought forward to ensure that the deputy position was filled. The Head of Finance would be reporting to the Director of Resources;


In response to questions raised it was reported that:



The role of Director of Resources had not been unique and the salary had not been an issue with recruitment, but it was acknowledged that due to the fast paced market, timing was the issue;



There would be no additional costs as a result of no candidates being interviewed at the meeting and the Council would go out to the market again to source candidates for the role;



The Council were getting value for money by using the executive search agency to obtain qualified, experienced and credible candidates and ;  using a well-known agency in the market;



The Corporate Management team would be sharing the additional responsibilities of the Director of Resources role to allow David Northey to focus on Finance responsibilities. The organisation was carrying a number of vacancies due to budgeted positions and are pending Director of Resources recruitment in order for the post holder to arrange the structure as required by them. The Council would be bringing forward proposals to fill the Director of Digital and Customer Services role due to its importance in the organisation.


The Panel unanimously agreed to:


1.    Extend the current post holder David Northey in the current position of Service Director for Finance until March 2024, subject to City Council approval;


2.    To continue the recruitment process for a permanent Director of Resources;


Supporting documents: