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Policy Announcements


An announcement had been made for moving out of step four of the roadmap. The guidance for schools would be updated and would be disseminated to ensure that they had been made aware.


Classroom bubbles would come to an end for under 18’s; social distancing rules would end as well as the staggering of start and finish times for pupils from the 19th July.


From the 16  August there would be no obligation to self-isolate for under 18’s who would ‘ve come into contact with someone who has tested positive and would only self-isolate if they had tested positive. 


NHS Test and Trace would now take over from schools for advising pupils that they needed to self-isolate.


Schools had been advised to continue with measures such as good ventilation, sanitising and regular testing of teachers until the end of September; another review would take place for these measures.


Members discussed:


Press release 19 May 2021 – More support for local areas to drive up school standards. It was clarified that Plymouth will not have to bid for £10 million but the grant will be divided between four Local Authorities, Plymouth City Council and the regional schools commissioner will decide how that money is allocated but it would be allocated directly to Academy Trusts involved in relevant schools, mainly secondary schools. Plymouth City Council had been agreeing arrangements that would be in place to oversee the allocation of funds.


Councillor Cresswell sought clarification as to whether the funds, when allocated to the Trusts would be allocated to Plymouth and not to other schools that the Trusts have responsibility for out of the area. Alison Botham advised that the funds allocated to Plymouth would be for Plymouth schools in order for agreed work to be carried out.


Councillor Goslin questioned what oversight Plymouth City Council will have on how those funds would be allocated. Alison Botham advised that the decision would be for the Regional Schools Commissioner within the Department of Education. Plymouth had been finalising arrangements and would have shared governance arrangements and would have a place on the Strategic Governance Board which the Chief Executive and Director of Children’s services would be sat on. The Board would not be able to make decisions but would be able to give recommendations where decisions would be made centrally.


Press release 21 May 2021 – Multimillion-pound investment to inspire children to walk to school. Councillor requested a written response from Ming Zhang with how this will be monitored.


Press release 21 May 2021 – Department for Education announced a further £8 million as part of the AP Transition Fund for 2021/22. Councillor Allen questioned how the fund will be directed to the poorest children in alternative provision settings. The fund would be allocated to those children in most need, deprivation would be a key factor in determining children in need.


Councillor Laing requested that information relating to the £10 million grant when finalised at the Strategic Board would come back to this Scrutiny.












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