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Health and Social Care System Performance Report


Rob Sowden (Senior Performance Advisor) was present for this item.  It was highlighted that:


·        The number of outbreaks within care settings was 24 on 10 September. In addition to this there were a further 16 settings with at least one suspected positive case.

·        16 of the outbreaks were within care homes for older people (aged 65+), two care homes for younger people (18-64) and the remaining six spread across Supported Living, Domiciliary Care and Day care.

·        The number of admissions to residential/nursing care of people aged 65 and over remained relatively static.

·        Between April the end of August 2021 445 outcomes to reablement have been recorded. On average 56% of these cases the individual in receipt of the reablement has left the service fully independent requiring no further service. Of those individuals who go on to require long term care, the majority go on to a package that is at a lower cost to any previous package received.

·        Between 1 April and 30 June 2021, 201 individuals were the subject of a completed safeguarding enquiry, 148 of whom expressed a desired outcome at the start of the enquiry (73.6% compared to 70.3% in quarter four). The proportion of people not asked about their preferred outcome decreased to 18.4% (23.4% in quarter four). The percentage of enquiries with outcomes that have been either fully or partially achieved increased in quarter one to 95.3% (141), while those fully achieved decreased slightly to 62.8% (93), compared to 64.6% in quarter four. This continues a declining trend in the percentage of outcomes fully achieved.


Questions from members related to:


·        The numbers of people in care home settings remains static, and in line with national COVID-19 Discharge guidance a number of people will be in receipt of care within homes but currently funded by the NHS. These will not be included in these figures but are being monitored.  Can this information be provided to the committee?

·        The care packages at a lower weekly cost.  How can this cost be reduced?

·        Some care homes have significant vacancies was this because less people were choosing to be cared for in a different setting?  How would this impact on the long term viability of care homes as a result of vacant beds?

·        What was the reason behind the deaths of the patients that had received reablement support in August 2021?

·        Closure of the minor injury unit due to staff shortages.  This was a big concern and would add additional pressure on the emergency department.  Has this been resolved or was this due to staff being off because of Covid?

·        On average how many days would a patient have to stay in hospital before appropriate care was found prior to discharge from hospital?

·        Has an impact assessment been undertaken with regard to Brexit and loss of staff across the hospital system?

·        Average day MIU attendance graph can this be separated out and can this be shared?

·        The hospital was working closely with NHSE/I and the CCG on work to improve ambulance transfers.  Were they aware of what improvements were in place to alleviate the pressures as we move towards the winter months?

·        How many people affected by staff shortages and were people being discharged home with no package at all?


The Committee noted the Health and Social Care System Performance Report and requested the following information:


·        Has Brexit impacted on staffing across the hospital system?

·        Average day MIU attendance graph can this be separated out and can this be shared?

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