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Plymouth Local Care Partnership - System Plan 2021-2024


Councillor Patrick Nicholson (Deputy Leader) introduced the Plymouth Local Care Partnership - System Plan 2021-2024 -


Much work had been undertaken in recent months to develop the Local Care Partnership (LCP) alongside wider system partners in Plymouth. This document describes the priorities and plans for the Plymouth LCP (2021-2024).


The plan is built on identified local need, acknowledges the challenges Covid has brought with it and sets out six key priorities for Plymouth. The document sits beneath a wider Devon wide strategic framework that is itself guided by the NHS Long Term Plan.


In 2013 the Plymouth Health and Wellbeing Board set down in the strategic ambition to create a fully integrated system of population based health and wellbeing where people start well, live well and age well. At the heart was a focus on tackling health inequalities and meeting the needs of the whole person, ensuring they received “the right care, at the right time, in the right place”.


This plan represents the Plymouth Local Care Partnership next steps on delivering this ambition. The Plymouth Local Care Partnership was where partners from across the City come together to work towards:



·         Improving health and wellbeing outcomes for the local population

·         reducing inequalities in health & wellbeing of the local population

·         improving people’s experience of care

·         improving the sustainability of the health and wellbeing system


The plan focuses on 6 key priorities:


1)    Building a Compassionate and Caring City

2)    Developing a Sustainable system of Primary Care

3)    Empowering Communities to help themselves and each other

4)    Ensuring the Best Start to Life through “A Bright Future”

5)    Relentless focussing on Homelessness Prevention

6)    Integrating Care to deliver “the right care, at the right time, in the right place” to promote home first, prevent unnecessary admissions, facilitate timely discharges, enable people to die in a place of their choice.


Each priority would have a smart action plan and key metrics so we could monitor progress. These priorities were under pinned by a number of cross cutting enabling programmes Estates, Digital and Workforce.

You would have read nationally that workforce was one of the great challenges we face. There were shortages across the sector and this comes on top of having to cope with the pressures caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. So in order to try and alleviate these challenges we had launched a dedicated campaign to try and encourage more people to consider working in the Home Care Sector.


§  The new campaign focused on the benefits of a job in home care which includes promoting the flexibility to choose the sort of hours that were right for the applicant.

§  Home Care or Domiciliary Care Assistants were vital to support people to improve and maintain their independence, enabling them to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible.

§  Working in adult social care was an incredibly rewarding job and would really suit people who were kind, caring and compassionate who had good communication skills.

§  There’s a wide range of roles available in Plymouth where you could make a real difference to some of our most vulnerable residents.

§  We were also working with Skills Launchpad Plymouth to provide localised support for applicants including help for individuals to prepare for interview in a care setting, the opportunity to gain entry level Care skills to build confidence, and advice to overcome barriers to starting work including access to financial support for work clothing, initial travel to work costs as well as guidance on benefits calculations.

§  Visit to find out more about working in home care.

§  We have produced short video to highlight the difference working in home care can make


Cabinet agreed the Plymouth Local Care Partnership System Plan 2021-24.


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