Agenda item

National Marine Park Presentation


Councillor Nick Kelly (Leader), Kat Deeney (Head of Environmental Planning) and Caroline Cozens (Head of Strategic Programmes) introduced the National Marine Park item -


At the start of the summer we had amazing news that the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Horizons would be supporting our ambition to deliver the UK’s first National Marine Park in Plymouth Sound.


The Leader would be signing off a decision to accept the nearly £10million of funding from the Heritage Fund.  We would be further supporting the project by allocating £500k of Council funding to match the Heritage Fund award for the development stage, demonstrating our commitment to this outstanding programme.


The Plymouth Sound NMP would be a real driver for positive change over the next decade and we thank all lottery players for their help in making this happen. 


It would improve and enhance so many areas across our waterfront and it will enhance everyone’s ability to get in, on, under or next to the Sound.  This wasn’t a programme that would support a single community or single interest group, it is designed to benefit everyone, the entire City. 


We promised when we came into power that we would work to create a dynamic and welcoming place that makes Plymouth a truly amazing City to live, work and visit


The NMP would help us do this by realising the potential of some of our greatest assets including Plymouth Sound, our magnificent waterfront and places such as Tinside.  The NMP would help us to achieve so many of the City’s priorities:



It would support a vibrant economy helping us showcase our world class marine engineering and research facilities supporting more jobs as well as being an enviable stage for events such as Sail GP



Across the waterfront we would invest in our maritime facilities to allow more people to access the sea, enhancing people’s quality of life, rejuvenation our waterside and shining a light on all the things that make Plymouth unique.  Building back pride and making us a world leading marine City.



The NMP would support our commitment of improving the environment for future generations.  It would promote nature positive lifestyle choices and a transition to net zero which actually enhances people’s life. 



Our maritime history was second to none and the NMP would help us bring this to life helping an understanding of our past to influence a better future.


And the NMP is not just about what we deliver but how we deliver it.  I can confidently say that the NMP would be designed to support everyone in this city.   I can say this because we are going to ask you to design it with us. 

We set out our values when we came into power in the way we would work for you, listen to your opinions, consult you on major projects, spend your money wisely and be more accountable.  This was exactly the way we will deliver the Park, your NMP. 


Over the next 18months we want you to tell us what was great about the Sound, what you would like to see more of, what stops you using the Sound and how we can change that.   We would do everything we can to enable you to be part of the design team in shaping the UK’s first National Marine Park. 


Together over the next 18month together we would design the future of the NMP, something that has never been done in the UK, what an exciting challenge make sure you have your say.


Cabinet noted the National Marine Park update.