Voting record

 EGM, City Council, Monday 19 June 2023 1.30 pm

Item: Appointment of Honorary Aldermen / Alderwomen

Appointment of Honorary Aldermen / Alderwomen:

Resolution status:Carried

ForAllen, Aspinall, Mrs Beer, Blight, Briars-Delve, Carlyle, Coker, Dr Cree, Cresswell, Dann, Darcy, Dingle, Evans OBE, Gilmour, Goslin, Harrison, Haydon, Hendy, Holloway, Hulme, Laing, Loveridge, Lowry, Lugger, Dr Mahony, McLay, Moore, Murphy, Nicholson, Noble, Partridge, Patel, Penberthy, Penrose, Poyser, Reilly, Rennie, Ricketts, Salmon, Shayer, Smith, Stephens, Stevens, Stoneman, Tippetts, Tofan, Tuffin, Tuohy, Wakeham and Ms Watkin50
Conflict Of InterestsNone0
Absent / Did not voteNone0