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Plymouth Culture Board


The Board is a local partnership and is made up of expert volunteers from a variety of backgrounds with strengths and influences across a broad range of cultural sectors in the city.


Representative of University of Plymouth

Adrian Vinken OBE, Theatre Royal (Chair of the Board)

Richard Bayly, Former Director (Government Office South West)

Director for Development (PCC)

Assistant Director for Economic Development (PCC)

Tracey Guiry, City of Culture Lead

Representative of Onshore Media

Sue Kay (Consultant)

Representative of the Arts Council

Representative of Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Bob Sharpe (Consultant)


What do they do?

The Culture Board is a partnership of enthusiastic and committed individuals with a clear ambition to place culture at the heart of this city's vision to become one of Europe's finest, most vibrant waterfront cities.


Culture – our "Vital Spark" – is not exclusive, not just for the "elite". It is as much about reading a book, kicking a ball in the park, going to a gig, meeting our friends, eating and drinking, as it is about opera, ballet and Shakespeare.



·         that Plymouth should fulfil its potential as a distinctive, dynamic cultural centre of regional, national and international renown;

·         role is to drive the cultural development of the city and oversee and keep under review the development and delivery of the City's Cultural Strategy "The Vital Spark";

·         leads and supports major cultural initiatives in the City including our plans to bid for the title of UK City of Culture in 2017 and our early plans to celebrate and commemorate the 400 year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower in 2020;

·         support the City council's plans to preserve and make accessible the history of our city;

·         working with Arts organisations across Plymouth to set out a road-map for strategic investment in the arts and arts infrastructure over the next 3 years that will transform the city's capacity, produce world class cultural programmes and reinforce the City's ocean and transatlantic identity.

·         we want Plymouth to "punch above its weight" and strive to develop a regional, national and international reputation for excellence in the arts, in sports, in heritage and in culture.



The Plymouth Culture Board is an un-constituted body, made up of a consortium of key individuals appointed to the Board. They were previously accountable to the LSP Board.


Contact information

Anthony Payne / David Draffan