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Millfields CEDT


Summary of Terms of Reference


The Company is established for the public benefit within the area with the following objects:-

(a) to relieve persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress by reason of their social and economic circumstances;

(b) to provide or assist in the provision of housing accommodation for persons in condition of need, poverty or distress, including those suffering from a physical or mental disability, on terms appropriate to their means;

(c) to relieve sickness and poverty;

(d) to promote the advancement of education and learning, including training in skills relevant to securing employment;

(e) to advance public education in the arts;

(f) to provide facilities for public recreation or other leisure time occupation in the interest of social welfare with the object of improving their conditions of life;

(g) to promote community businesses which are non-profit making or which employ the whole of their profits for the public and whose objectives and activities are directed towards the provision of paid employment to disadvantaged residents of the area of benefit or towards other purpose of general public utility and the acquisition (and holding of the shares, stocks, debentures, and other interests in companies whose objectives and activities are so directed and the provision of managerial, supervisory and consultancy services to or in respect of such companies).

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