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Plymouth City Centre Company


Summary of Terms of Reference


The Company’s objects (“the objects”) are:


1.            to co-operate with Plymouth City Council to prepare and submit a proposal for the establishment of a Business Improvement District (“BID”) as provided by the Local Government Act 2003 (as amended from time to time) for such parts or parts of the City of Plymouth as the Directors shall determine from time to time (“the BID Area”);


2.            to define and procure delivery of city centre management activities to support the needs of businesses in the BID Area;


3.         to promote Plymouth City Centre as the regional centre for shopping, commercial, residential, cultural, entertainment, leisure and tourism activities in Devon and Cornwall and to increase the numbers of visitors to Plymouth;


4.            to co-ordinate and, where the Directors shall determine, procure the delivery of services including the cleansing, community safety and renovation of the BID Area;


5.        to work with stakeholders interested in the economic development of the BID Area.

Contact information

(Amanda Lumley) Holly Reynolds
(Chief Executive Destination Plymouth) Assistant City Centre Manager

Floor 2, Ballard House, Plymouth
PlyMouth City Council
West Hoe