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Relate's distinct focus is the adult couple, recogninsing the benfits of this focus to the mental, physical and emotional health of the adults and children involved.  This focus recognises different culteral understandings of marriage and other couple relationships; and encompasses work with the adults, together or on their own, at any time in the life or ending of their relationship, whether the couple wish to stay together or to separate.


Relates objectives are:

1 to enhance the quality of couple and thereby parental and family relationships.

2 to help avoid unnecessary marriage and relationship breakdown.

3 to limit the damage which commonly accompanies poor relationships, separation and divorce and increase the prospect of subsequent relationships succeeding.


Relate is the largest Counselling agency in the UK and in Plymouth we see over 600 clients each year.  We offer couples counselling, Family counselling, young peoples counselling and life skills training.  We work in several Children's Centers, and schools in the city; we also undertake work for CAFCASS (Courts) and we are involved with several other projects across the city. 


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