Outside body

Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum


Summary of Terms of Reference


The aims of the Forum shall be as follows –

(1)  To act in an umbrella capacity as co-ordinating body for all senior citizens groups of the Plymouth area.

(2)  To help and support the interests of all senior citizens and groups in every way possible and assist with any concerns they may have. 

(3)  To consider and refer any issues raised, to the appropriate bodies public, private and voluntary, for action. 

(4)  To accept recommendations for improving facilities in the region and to enhance the purpose and quality of life for all senior citizens. 

(5)  To have the full support of the City Council with the help of all its departments. 

(6)  To improve communications with all senior citizens’ groups in the region. 

(7)  To draw attention to any issues affecting senior citizens, and to this end, to produce a periodic newsletter, which will be circulated to all senior citizens and groups registered with the Forum.

(8)   To speak with a collective voice on issues affecting all senior citizens.

(9)   To be a member of the National Pensioners’ Convention thereby establishing links and liaising with other relevant forums in the Country through the Convention and, where necessary, other relevant forums to issues which may affect, or have a bearing on national issues.


Contact information

Pat Harkness
Secretary - Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum

Our representatives