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SACRE - Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education: see committees


Summary of Terms of Reference


The composition of SACRE is stipulated in the Education Act 1993, also consolidated into the 1996 Act.


As will be noted from the extract, SACRE will consist of a number of “representative groups” i.e. Christian and other religious groups, plus the Church of England, plus teacher associations, and of course the LEA. In addition, SACRE may co-opt further members.


Whilst the membership of the two bodies must be drawn from religious and denominations according to their proportionate strength in the Plymouth area, the syllabus covers many of the major worldwide faiths. Religious diversity has to be maintained within the schools’ RE curriculum even if some major world faiths are not represented within an LEA’s area.


The SACRE can determine its own constitution, and within this the term of membership of those appointed. The terms of membership are not determined within the legislation.

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