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North Prospect Community Learning Development Group


Summary of Terms of Reference


Mission Statement


To promote North Prospect as a neighbourhood of excellence, especially for Lifelong learning and personal development.


Aims and Objectives


1.        To promote and develop a positive neighbourhood culture of lifelong learning with raised personal aspirations.


  • Improve the social and economic environment in partnership with others.


  • Celebrate personal achievements in the neighbourhood.


  • Recognise and celebrate diversity


  • Challenge and address negative preconceptions and barriers


2.        To provide learning and development resources and opportunities to enable the people of North Prospect to realise their potential.


·         Provide diverse learning and development opportunities, which address a range of personal needs in partnership with community groups, agencies, organisations and local people.


·         Provide learning environments where people feel safe and welcome.


·         Provide affordable childcare for learners in co-operation with the Sure Start Lark Children’s Centre


·         Provide people with independent information, advice and guidance.


Contact information

Tracey Archman
Centre Manager

Our representatives