Outside body

Devonport Community Leisure Limited


Independent Provident Society





(1) The objects of the Society are


(a)        to provide or assist in the provision or improvement of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare for the public at large.


(b)        to promote community participation in healthy recreation by


(i)         the provision and management of facilities, which may include, but shall not be limited to, sports centres, playing fields and swimming pools and

(ii)        the provision where appropriate of courses and coaching to facilitate participation in healthy recreation.


(c)        to promote health by the education of the public about healthy living and the provision of facilities for exercise.


(d)        to provide, maintain and manage parks, recreation grounds and other public open spaces


(e)        to advance the education and to promote the physical intellectual and social development of children and young people.


within the Area of Benefit.


(2)  The Area of Benefit means an area of Devonport bounded to the west by the River Tamar, to the south by Cremyll Passage, to the east by Stonehouse Creek, Kings Road and Exmouth Road and to the north by Tamar Wharf, John Street, Ferry Road, the northern boundary of Parkside School and Milne Place.




4.        The Society shall have the following powers which it may exercise solely 

  in order to achieve its objects:

(1)        to buy, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any property and to maintain and equip it for use; 


(2)        to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the property belonging to the Society.


(3)        to borrow money providing that the aggregate amount borrowed shall not exceed £10,000,000 and to charge the whole or any part of the property belonging to the Society as security for repayment of the money borrowed.


(4)        to accept grants, donations or loans free of interest but not to accept deposits in any way that would require authorisation under the Banking Act 1987 or any other statutory provision;


(5)        to work with members of the community, employers, voluntary bodies, statutory authorities and other agencies;


(6)        to establish or support any other organisation formed for any of the objects of the Society by making grants or in such other way as may from time to time be considered appropriate;


(7)        to acquire, merge with or enter into any partnership or joint venture arrangement with any other organisation formed for the objects of the Society;


(8)        to set aside income as a reserve against future expenditure but only in accordance with a written policy about reserves;


(9)        to employ such staff as are necessary for carrying out the work of the Society and to make such pension arrangements for the employees of the Society as it may consider appropriate


(10)      to deposit or invest the funds of the Society in any manner authorised by the Act


(11)      to do all such other lawful things as may be expedient for the         achievement of the objects of the Society.


Meetings are held quarterly.

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David Brown (Louise Kelley People Dir) / Clint Jones

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