Councillor Lynda Bowyer

Party: Independent Member

Ward: Eggbuckland

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Council House
Plymouth City Council
Armada Way


Mobile:  07899 950562

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Terms of Office

  • 07/05/2007 - 09/05/2011
  • 09/05/2011 - 11/05/2015
  • 11/05/2015 - 02/05/2019
  • 02/05/2019 - 04/05/2023

Appointments to outside bodies

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Community Grants 2020/21





To purchase a bench seat for the green space off of Shallowford Road for the local residents to use.




To enable Motor Neurone Disease to continue providing a level of support and equipment needed for patients and carers living in Plymouth.


To support Adrenalin Devon Junior Minor League Crowdfunder that provides football opportunities for young people aged 6 - 18 years in the City of Plymouth.




Donation to the Thai Buddhist Monks of Fort Austin. Contribution towards setting up a temple, equipment to include CCTV.




To purchase paint and associated equipment to support the re-decoration of the St Edwards Hall used by the Eggbuckland community.


To support with the tree planting projects by purchasing 10 trees to benefit the residents of Eggbuckland.




To contribute towards The Community Wildflower Project by providing wildflower seeds for the meadow in Manadon Park




To contribute towards the Crowdfunder - Christmas in a Box


To support The Crownhill Village Network Group with the purchase of Christmas lights for the Crownhill Village Christmas displays  that will be enjoyed by the residents over the Christmas period




To help St. Edwards Church with providing food parcels, family support and reading support for Eggbuckland families struggling during the Covid pandemic.


To support the Special Olympics Plymouth and District volunteered club with there forthcoming games events by providing training and equipment as well as mini bus hire and fuel to enable a run of sports programmes which provides adults and children positive sporting experience, raising their self-esteem, improving health and wellbeing, mental health and giving opportunities to improve physical fitness and motor skills.


To support The Crownhill Village Network Group  with a contribution towards the continued investment in the Crownhill Village festive lighting display. This includes the replacing of the existing silhouette decorations (not those purchased in November 2020) with a suitable lighting effect to complement the overall vision.


Grand Total





Community Grants 2019/20



Jun - 19

Sewing machine for Craft club at the Crownhill Library


Mayflower Special Olympic Games


Seat for Austin Farm Community Orchard - please liaise with Gemma Sharman


Jul - 19


Eggbuckland Community Fun Day- Money towards a stage


Crownhill Xmas event, money towards street lights.


Aug - 19


To support with the purchase of portable toilets at the Eggbuckand community fun and games event


Sept - 19


Defibrillator for St Edwards Church


Crowhill Village Network Group, purchasing additional lights- blue snowflake ones for xmas fare.


Plymouth Centre Faith and cultural community- projects to promote community cohesion, and minimise crime


Nov - 19


Eggbuckland Community Christmas Lunch for elderly residents.


Jan - 20


To support Crownhill Library with lockable cupboards and paper trimmers for their craft sessions held for the community.


Provide a bench for the community to use whilst overlooking the new Manadon sports centre. 


Feb - 20


Support for a monthly community lunch for older people at St Edward's Church


Contribution toward redecorations for St Edward's Church Hall


To support Crownhill village with various fun-raising events, such as cake sales in Crownhill Library which will be held throughout the year to generate funding towards the Christmas light set up for the community to enjoy.


Grand Total





Community Grants Scheme 2018/19





Eggbuckland community fun day


St Edward's church hall renovation fund and annual fun day




Monies for a St Edwards church fun and games event


Money towards the Miles Mitchell Estate community cream tea event


Crownhill village defibrillator supported by Crownhill Methodist church and Crownhill village traders




Crownhill village Christmas event




To purchase equipment for the newly set up Crownhill library memory café


Hire of equipment to put up Christmas lights in Crownhill




Eggbuckland community Christmas lunch




Providing new chairs for community use at St Edwards’s church hall, Eggbuckland.




To refill a grit bin for the community to use outside Crownhill library


Supporting a community orchard on the junction of Delamere road and Carradale road, Eggbuckland




To provide plants and equipment for the community garden at Crownhill library




Pruning a tree in Alden walk, Eggbuckland.


To help fund the special Olympics plymouth and district games event


To help fund the St Edwards church hall renovation


Grand total





Community Grants Scheme 2017/2018




Eggbuckland Fun Day



Young Devon, Children in Care Award


Miles Mitchell Community Cream Tea



Crownhill Christmas Lights Event


Microphone for the Crownhill / Widey Townswomen’s Guild, for the benefit of members



Contribution towards Crownhill Library communal garden


Contribution towards Looked after Christmas Meal


Christmas Lunch in St Edwards Church for the elderly


To help towards making the Crownhill Library community garden more dementia friendly


Replace chain linked fencing to the rear of 51 Southwell Road, Crownhill.


Crownhill Christmas trees


For a Christmas tea party for the Miles Mitchell Community



Contribution towards prune trees near 3 Huxham Close, Eggbuckland


Contribution towards cutting down trees in Eggbuckland


Grand Total





Community Grant Scheme 2016 to 2017



Annual Older Eggbuckland Persons Christmas Lunch


Christmas lights etc. for Crownhill Village


Community Cream Tea and related social events


Contribution towards a replacement kitchen in Crownhill Scout Hut


Costumes & activities around the city promoting the Pilgrim Fathers


Crownhill Village Community Christmas Event


Crownhill Village Community Events


Eggbuckland Community Fun Day


Eggbuckland Ladies Group weekly meetings, lunches and outings


New waste bin to be put near Manadon Park Meadow in Frobisher Approach


Notice board for community use to be fixed to Crownhill Library wall by the main entrance


Social events for Miles Mitchell Social Club


Special Olympics Plymouth & District adults with learning disabilities


St Edwards Church Hall Restoration


St Edwards Community Xmas Event


You Can Do It Achievement Awards for looked after children


Grand Total





Community Grant Scheme 2015 to 2016



Community Fun Day for Eggbuckland (joint application with Councillors I Bowyer £200 & Jarvis £200)


Project to rewire the scout hut for the 1st Crownhill Scout Group (joint application with Councillors I Bowyer £225, Jarvis £225, Drean £225, Downie £225 & Jon Taylor £225)


Temporary Events Notice for Eggbuckland Community Fun Day


Grant towards start-up costs for Families Worker (joint application with Councillor I Bowyer £200)


You Can do It Achievement Awards Ceremony 2015 (joint application with other Councillors)


Kicks Football sessions at Eggbuckland Community College (joint application with Councillor I Bowyer £430)


Living graveyard project at St Edward’s Church


Eggbuckland Community Christmas Event


Picnic table/seat for Frogmore Field (joint application with Councillors I Bowyer £272 and Jarvis £272)


Older person Christmas Lunch in Eggbuckland (joint application with Councillors I Bowyer £270 and Jarvis £270)


Setting up of a Dementia Café in St Edwards Church (joint application with Councillor I Bowyer £200)


Support for Special Olympics participants (joint application with Councillor I Bowyer £200)


Support for Eggbuckland Forum for various activities (joint application with Councillor I Bowyer £212)


Spring bulbs for Frogmore Field





Community Grant Scheme 2014 to 2015



Temporary Events Notice


Eggbuckland Community Fun Day (joint application with Councillors I Bowyer £500 &  Jarvis £500)


Special Olympics Plymouth & District – adults with learning disabilities


You Can Do it Achievement Awards (joint application with other Councillors)


Contribution towards the refurbishment costs of the community hall in Delamere Road (joint application with Councillor I Bowyer £75)


Bench Seat - Boniface Park, Crownhill


Eggbuckland residents’ Christmas Lunch (joint application with Councillors I Bowyer £211 & Jarvis £211)


Boulders to stop parking on the grass at Epping Crescent (joint application with Councillor Bowyer £271)


Dog bin for Frobisher Approach opposite Leander Way (joint application with Councillor Bowyer £283.75)


Picnic table and bench for Frogmore Field (joint application with Councillor I Bowyer £408)