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Bus Lane Adjudication Service Joint Committee


Plymouth City Council was required to join the BLASJC to ensure adjudication arrangements were in place to enable anyone receiving a PCN for a bus lane contravention to appeal against the issue of the PCN.


Not joining the BLASJC would preclude the Authority from undertaking bus lane enforcement. The enforcement of bus lane traffic orders is required to encourage compliance, enhance road safety and to support the objectives of the Bus Punctuality Improvement Plan (BPIP).


Motorists who are issued with a PCN have a right of appeal to an independent adjudication service whose main function is to decide the appeal based upon impartial and well considered decisions. Local Authorities who are undertaking bus lane enforcement are required to become a member of the BLASJC before they can access the adjudication service or start the enforcement of bus lanes.


The Bus Lane Adjudication Service is an independent tribunal where impartial lawyers consider appeals by motorists and vehicles owners whose vehicles have been issued with PCNs by Councils undertaking civil bus lane enforcement under The Bus Lane Contraventions (Penalty Charges, Adjudication and Enforcement) (England) Regulations (SI No. 2757).


The BLASJC primary objectives are to ensure:


§   A fair adjudication service for Appellants including visible independence of the adjudicators from the authorities in whose area they are working.


§   Consistency in access to adjudication.


§   A cost effective and equitable adjudication service


The agreement that regulates the BLASJC allows for one representative or his / her deputy from each constituent Council.


The BLASJC is funded by subscriptions from Local Authorities.  The Executive Sub Committee annually agrees the charges that are necessary for it to provide an independent adjudication service.  At present the charge is levied at £0.65 for each PCN issued by the Authority.  The charge is funded from the income received by the Council from PCN’s therefore there are no additional costs to the Authority.






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