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Plymouth Investment Partnership


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To carry out any acts deemed necessary to assist, promote, establish, support or aid any industry, industries, or business concerns whatsoever including enterprise agencies, co-operatives and co-ownership bodies or any other body or initiative to improve the employment and economy of Plymouth and its surrounding area; to generally deal with buildings and land in a proper course of management; to make grants towards machinery, feasibility studies, interest on loans and for any purpose necessary for the furtherance of the objects; the promotion, formation and management of garden cities, garden suburbs or garden villages, and the erection, improvement, or management of buildings for the working classes and others. 


Extra clause added 12/04/06: Promote development sites through the planning system and to acquire, develop, manage and dispose of assets for the purpose of dealing with assets in the proper course of asset management, including to enter into joint venture agreements where such activity is to improve the employment and/or economy of Plymouth and its surrounding area.

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