Councillor Tudor Evans OBE

Title: Leader

Party: Labour

Ward: Ham

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Contact information

Mobile:  07766367372


Twitter :  @PlymLeader

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Committee appointments

Terms of Office

  • 01/05/1988 - 01/05/1991
  • 01/05/1991 - 01/05/1995
  • 01/05/1995 - 01/05/1997
  • 01/05/1997 - 01/05/2000
  • 04/05/2000 - 04/05/2003
  • 06/05/2003 - 07/05/2007
  • 07/05/2007 - 09/05/2011
  • 09/05/2011 - 11/05/2015
  • 11/05/2015 - 14/05/2019

Appointments to outside bodies

Additional Information

Community Grants 2019/20




Plymouth Centre for Faiths & Cultural Diversity provides children with the opportunity to meet people of different faiths and cultures and learn first-hand about their life practices allowing them to gain a greater understanding, respect and tolerance for ways of life that are not families to them. Ensuring the work of the centre continues and develops.




Age UK Plymouth Fun & Friendship event being held in the Jan Cutting Centre on 17 Feb 2020. The event aims to bring people of all ages together to build community connections.


Contribution to Timebank South West who manage weekly neighbourhood socials and activities.


Happy Holiday programme for disadvantaged young people aged 7-12 years. It involves physical activities, enrichment activities, food education and a healthy meal during the school holidays.


To contribute towards All Saints Church of England Academy providing sanitary products for children affected by period poverty.


To contribute towards the funding of the PPL licence for the local radio station at Ferndale Community Tenants Group who promote and protect the interests of local residents with number of clubs and trips.


To help purchase new uniforms for the community choir who provide sociable, inclusive and enjoyable activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.


To support with the purchasing of sanitary products at the Lark Centre for women and children affected by period poverty.




To support Operation Emotion's weekly support group and educational programmes for adult male survivors of sexual abuse in Plymouth.




To provide funds towards fixing the trampoline at the trampoline club aimed at children with disabilities across Plymouth.


Grand Total


Community Grants Scheme 2018/19



Donation to the You and me Mum programme at Lark Centre


Donation to assist in costs of replacing the flooring to the outside play area of the Lark Centre




To help support the Tea and Toast provision at NPCL; based in Stoke but provides support to Ham ward residents


To help support the Crossroads Fun and Friendship Centre 25th Birthday Celebrations




North Prospect History museum to purchase and install a Tommy remembrance figure


To support the Ferndale Community Tenants Group with a new ID Card Printer – for safety and security is important


Paid to Freedom Fields park in error by LR.  Cheque refunded and funds repaid 4/12/2018




To support the Ferndale Community Tenants Group with a new ID Card Printer – for safety and security is important




 For the Ham component of the Food Plymouth - Growing Community Abundance project around the Beacon centre on Ham Drive. This will fund 3 monthly sessions to prune the trees and grape vines, remove weeds, mulching and planting in the gaps in the community garden area at the Beacon.  Food harvested during the sessions will be shared with residents.  The sessions will include fun things to do for children too e.g. snail races, wildlife quiz, treasure (or Easter egg) hunt to make the days great fun and relevant to local families.


To contribute towards Marine Academy Plymouth providing sanitary products for children affected by period poverty.


To contribute towards All Saints C of E Academy providing sanitary products for children affected by period poverty.


To contribute towards Lark Children's centre providing sanitary products for children affected by period poverty.


Grand Total






Community Grants Scheme 2017/18



One Small Candle - Pilgrim Fathers Promo


Cross Roads Fun & Friends - Mosaic Garden




Laser printer ink for Ferndale Community Tenants Group Newsletters




Pennycross church - New Blinds


Grand Total







Community Grant Scheme 2016 to 2017




Blinds for the windows at Pennycross Church


Community members engaging in this years’ summer programme which has been supported by Wolseley trust. Depending on costs of entry and transport it’s anticipated the funding offered would accommodate 50 people.


Costumes & activities around the city promoting the Pilgrim Fathers - One small candle


Day trips for North Prospect Children's Group


Equipment for Devonport boxing club


Funding for the World on the Green project at North Prospect


Grant towards the hiring of a room by the choir


Social activities for Lark Sure Start


Grand Total



Community Grant Scheme 2015 to 2016

You Can do It Achievement Awards Ceremony 2015 (joint application with Councillors Downie £150, Drean £100, J Taylor £100, Fry £33, Ball £34, Fletcher £33, K Taylor £100, Singh £50, I Bowyer £50, Mrs Bowyer £50, Jarvis £200, Tuohy £50, Lowry £50, Riley £100, Smith £50, Bridgeman £50, Fox £100, Kelly £50, Mahony £100, Jordan £50, Beer £50, James £50, Churchill £50, Mrs Pengelly £50, Wigens £50, Mrs Foster £200, K Foster £100, Parker Delaz Ajete £200, Bowie £100, Damarell £100, Wheeler £100, McDonald £100, Tuffin £200, Penberthy £100, S Davey £300, P Davey £300, Sparling £50, Aspinall £100, Dann £100 & Rennie £100)



North Prospect & Ham Dad’s grant for hiring vehicles to  help them carry out activities


Garden Mosaic Project – Crossroads Fun & Friendship Centre


Donation towards the repair of the flooring at St Pancras Church


Training equipment for MAP Kings U12’s football team (joint application with Councillors McDonald £50, Penberthy £50 & Tuffin £50)


Support for Community Health in Lipson (joint application with Councillors Tuffin £200, Penberthy £50, Jarvis £500, Sparling £50, Singh £300, Coker £100, McDonald £100, Riley £100, Rennie £200, P Davey £100, K Taylor £400, Aspinall £200, Stevens £50, Dann £200, Mrs Bridgeman £50, Martin Leaves £166, Mahony £167 & Mrs Nicholson £167)



Community Grant Scheme 2014 to 2015

Printer for Ferndale Community Tenants Group


Projection screen & DVD player for St Pancras Church Centre


2ply Timebank Community Easter Funday


2ply Timebank Easter Community activities and trip


Wooden bench for Ham Woods


Renovation of the garden at North Prospect House for Plymouth History Festival to turn it into a WWII theme garden with Anderson Shelter


Contribution towards music event in North Prospect


Replacement sign for Mowhay Road entrance to Ham Woods



Community Grant Scheme 2013 to 2014        

Dual replacement bin off Dovedale Road


2 dual bins for North prospect Joint application with Councillor Gordon £149)


Grit bin & 3 refills


Camels Head improved access (joint application with Councillor Tuohy £491)