Councillor Sally Haydon

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Party: Labour

Ward: St. Budeaux

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Surgery details

The St Budeaux ward Councillors run surgeries at St Budeaux library on Saturday mornings between 1030 and 1200 hours, except for Bank holiday weekends.

A rota showing which Councillor is on duty each week is displayed at the library.

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Bus. mobile:  07772538084

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Terms of Office

  • 05/05/2006 - 10/05/2010
  • 10/05/2010 - 26/05/2014
  • 26/05/2014 - 03/05/2018
  • 03/05/2018 - 05/05/2022

Appointments to outside bodies

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Community Grants 2021/22





To purchase a Catering Water Heater for St Budeaux Community Centre




To support the work of Jeremiah's Journey bereavement charity, as they work with the community of Keyham to provide counselling and support to Keyham families.


Grand Total





Community Grants 2020/21





The Pioneers Project CIC have an agreement with LiveWest (Housing
Association) to bring the Barracks site at Barne Barton back into use. Parts
of the site are not in a safe condition and need to be fenced off from the
part of the site which can be safely accessed. Our grant will fund the
purchase of Heras fencing to allow this to be achieved. Installation will be
arranged by the Pioneers CIC.




To support Clean our Patch with the cleaning equipment needed for the volunteers to maintain the streets in the Kings Tamerton area.




To contribute towards the new public conveniences at St Budeaux Square. The current block is in a very poor state and further repair is not seen as feasible. However, the Square is a district shopping centre and a transport hub and re-provision when the current building is demolished is considered essential by ward councillors.


Grand Total





Community Grants 2019/20



Aug 19


Feast for fun - community events run by Churches together in St Budeaux providing free food and activities for families. Supporting the purchase of catering, crafts and play equipment hire.


Respect Festival 14th September 2019 - the event's 21st birthday party, bringing the city's diverse communities together to celebrate our differences and commonalities through, music, food and dance.




To contribute towards the St Budeaux Community Association's Christmas Celebrations.




To contribute towards Indoor Boules activity at St Budeaux Community Centre.


To contribute towards Pioneer Projects CIC:
• £100 to provide a nature camera for the allotment area
• £600 to provide Personal Protective Equipment for the volunteers helping with the works on the former Barracks site
• £100 towards a loudspeaker and CD player for the Community Cafe


To contribute towards the following at St Budeaux Library:
• £200 towards the Memory Cafe
• £200 towards a film show
• £200 towards a family games morning
• £200 towards the summer activities programme


To contribute towards Theme Week at Riverside School


Mar 20


To contribute funding for badges for all age groups at Girl Guides


Grand Total





Community Grants 2018/19





Support for the Beach Rangers project. They provide free community events throughout the school summer holidays, aimed at encouraging children and their families to enjoy experiencing local sea-side areas and their wildlife, including our own Kinterbury Creek.


The local PCSOs to organise a fun day in Barne Barton on 27th August. Various partner organisations will be participating.  This will revive a local tradition, which has been lost for several years. Our funding will contribute towards affordable entertainments (inflatables, face-painting etc.) and provision of refreshments and a barbecue




To fund refreshments, basic equipment, art & craft materials for the young people engaged in the Community Ambassador Project for Barefoot.




Contribution to Kings Tamerton Community Association's Christmas children's programme


Christmas lunch for 12 local residents at the Sunny Bobs Youth Group, William Sutton Memorial Hall.




To support the project partnership between the University of Plymouth students and the reception pupils of Riverside school to design an animal area and outdoor classroom that will encourage wildlife for the pupils to investigate and learn.


To provide a grit bin on the corner of Dolton Gardens and Priestley Avenue


To contribute towards the transport costs for The Pioneers and Riverside Primary School residential. This is for year 5 students to visit a farm in June.




Contribution to the whole-school theme week with providing funds to buy sports skills, music service, printed t-shirts and their sources which will promote the value of sharing worries and ways to increase resilience for the child and their families.


To contribute towards replacing very damaged outdoor play equipment to benefit the nursery children at Victoria Road Primary School.


To support the Square Club at St Budeaux Community Centre with the enhancement of kitchen facilities.


Grand Total





Community Grants 2017/18





Young Devon, Children in Care Award


Support The Pioneers Young Project Scheme




Contribution to the cost of providing a replacement water main for St Budeaux Community Centre. When the new community centre was built ten years ago, the builders used the old main to supply the Centre. This has fractured on several occasions and a new mains connection over some 80 metres of Highway land to the SWW network is needed. A quotation including obtaining all permissions has been offered and provisionally accepted. The St Budeaux Community Association which is responsible for the building is a charity and have requested help with meeting this bill.




It has been 3 years since Colebrook SW became custodians of the Affinity Sutton owned William Sutton Memorial Hall. We would like to invite the local community to celebrate this occasion and inform them of our progress in developing the Centre and what is on offer to the local community. We will be inviting partners and other community organisations to meet the community and advise on their offers. The event will also function as a HYS event.




Contribution towards Lego for St Budeaux Library


Funding for the Memory Café at St Budeaux Library




To provide money to St Budeaux Ambassadors for their Christmas Party, for 30 plus young people in Barne Barton that attend a Youth Club every week. To provide party games and refreshments




Donation for planters and community gardening in St Budeaux square


March 2018


Contribution towards the purchase and installation of a new cooker at Kings Tamerton Community Centre


Assistance with travel costs to the attendance by 10 young people aged 13-17-years-old from Barne Barton and St. Budeaux at a leadership residential to Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Activity Centre in the New Forest.


To support the Pioneers, with delivery of three projects. Supporting a graphic novel workshop for youngsters (ages 11 – 17). Supporting plants and refreshments for a community day at the Barne Barton allotment. Sessional resources, materials and refreshments for the evening sessions running over the next 2 to 3 months.


Transforming Plymouth Together is working with churches and community groups in St Budeaux to support families and provide meals in holidays for struggling families


Grand Total